Company Description

• The Frédéric Matan stone carving workshop was founded in February 2007.

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It is located in the business district at Domaine des Trois Fontaines in Le Pouget, close to Montpelier, in Southern France.
• The workshop’s mission is to produce architectural pieces by carving and sculpting stone for new construction, decoration and restoration of existing structures.

• The workshop has the equipment needed to perform any type of work: stone cutter to make custom pieces; a stone tower to work on large pieces (1000 – 1500 lbs) for the making of balusters, columns & vases; a mobile crane for handling (with lifting and belt clip); compressor and all electrical and hand tools needed to carve the stone.

• Since its inception the company has completed over 300 projects for a diversified clientele.
• Furthermore, the company is committed to train an apprentice from the Association Les Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France each year. This organization trains more than 8,200 apprentices each year.